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Fists Handguns Katanas Launchers Mechguns
Partisans Rifles Rods Sabers Shots
Slicers Swords Twin Swords Wands

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Techs Unique Items Mag Cells Materials

Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
CaneView Price00
ClioView Price24
ClubView Price00
Club of LaconiumView Price11
Club of ZumiuranView Price11
Flower CaneView Price11
MaceView Price00
Mace of AdamanView Price11
S-Rank CaneView Price120
S-Rank MoonView Price120
S-Rank WindmillView Price120
StickView Price00
Summit MoonView Price46
WindmillView Price11
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Amore RoseView Price2450
Bluefull CardView Price145
Dancing HitogataView Price125
Gal WindView Price1174
Greenill CardView Price145
GuardiannaView Price11
HitogataView Price281
Kan'ei TsuhoView Price12
KunaiView Price1900
MahuView Price11
Oran CardView Price145
Pinkal CardView Price145
Purplenum CardView Price145
Redria CardView Price145
S-Rank CardsView Price130
Skyly CardView Price145
SyringeView Price215
TalisView Price11
The Ace of SpadesView Price64183
Viridia CardView Price145
Whitill CardView Price145
Yellowboze CardView Price33181
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Booma's ClawView Price00
Dragon's ClawView Price00
Gigobooma's ClawView Price00
Gobooma's ClawView Price00
Heart of PoumnView Price17
Inferno ClawView Price175117
Morning GloryView Price17
Nei's Claw (Real)View Price2224
Nei's Claw (Replica)View Price15
Panther's ClawView Price115
Phoenix ClawView Price11
Photon ClawView Price11
Rika's ClawView Price1800
Rika's Claw MK.2View Price111972
S-Rank ClawView Price112
Silence ClawView Price21
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
BladeView Price00
Blade DanceView Price21
Bloody ArtView Price21
Celeste BladeView Price37166
Cross ScarView Price11
DaggerView Price174
Daylight ScarView Price4467
Double Booma ClawsView Price00
Double Gigobooma ClawsView Price1900
Double Gobooma ClawsView Price00
EdgeView Price00
Flapjack FlapperView Price216
KnifeView Price00
Lavis BladeView Price6358
P-Arm's BladeView Price2177
Red DaggerView Price11
RipperView Price00
S-Beat's BladeView Price174
S-Berrill's Hands #0View Price00
S-Berrill's Hands #1View Price00
S-Rank BladeView Price120
S-Red's BladeView Price13
Twin ChakramView Price11
Two KamuiView Price2825
TypeBL/BLADEView Price00
Wok of Akiko's ShopView Price127
Zero DivideView Price11
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Black King BarView Price6184
Demolition CometView Price11
Double CannonView Price10722
Double SaberView Price220
EmpressView Price71001
GirasoleView Price216
Meteor CudgelView Price211
Monkey King BarView Price13
Partisan of FireView Price265
Partisan of IceView Price130
Partisan of LightningView Price130
S-Rank TwinView Price120
Stag CutleryView Price24
Twin BlazeView Price462
Twin BrandView Price11
TypeDS/D.SABERView Price00
TypeDS/RODView Price170
TypeDS/WANDView Price00
VivienneView Price3417
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Angry FistView Price11
Brave KnuckleView Price11
God HandView Price13
S-Rank KnuckleView Price122
Sacred DusterView Price435
Sonic KnuckleView Price112
TypeKN/BLADEView Price00
TypeKN/CLAWView Price00
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
AutogunView Price00
BravaceView Price11
Custom Ray Ver.00View Price00
HandgunView Price00
Handgun: GuldView Price3600
Handgun: MillaView Price1375
Heaven PunisherView Price4550
Heaven StrikerView Price141383
Last SwanView Price4124
LockgunView Price00
Master RavenView Price8452
Ophelie SeizeView Price175
RailgunView Price3733
RaygunView Price287
Red HandgunView Price313
Ruby BulletView Price1137
S-Rank GunView Price227
Suppressed AutogunView Price00
Suppressed GunView Price2500
Suppressed LockgunView Price00
Suppressed RailgunView Price00
Suppressed RaygunView Price00
Tension BlasterView Price1215
TypeGU/HANDGUNView Price00
TypeGU/MECHGUNView Price00
VaristaView Price11
Yasminkov 2000HView Price1800
Yasminkov 2001HView Price41500
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Agito (1975)View Price00
Agito (1977)View Price00
Agito (1980)View Price00
Agito (1983)View Price00
Agito (1991)View Price00
Agito (2001)View Price00
Akiko's Frying PanView Price00
GurenView Price00
Harisen Battle FanView Price00
KamuiView Price00
MurasameView Price00
OrotiagitoView Price7373
RaikiriView Price2562
S-Rank HarisenView Price120
S-Rank KatanaView Price120
SangeView Price323
ShichishitoView Price00
ShourenView Price00
Toy HammerView Price00
TypeJS/J-SWORDView Price00
TypeJS/SABERView Price00
YamigarasuView Price31001
YashaView Price16
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Ano BazookaView Price00
Cannon RougeView Price3338
Gi-Gue BazookaView Price150
Guilty LightView Price00
Meteor RougeView Price120
NUG2000-BazookaView Price00
Phonon MaserView Price00
Photon LauncherView Price00
Red ScorpioView Price00
S-Rank LauncherView Price120
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
AssaultView Price1300
Doom BringerView Price62108
Dual BirdView Price3216
GatlingView Price11
Guld MillaView Price71239
H&S25 JusticeView Price00
L&K14 CombatView Price11
M&A60 ViseView Price127
MechgunView Price00
Mille MarteauxView Price6625
Rage De FeuView Price00
Red MechgunsView Price00
RepeaterView Price00
Rocket PunchView Price00
S-Rank MechgunView Price120
S-Rank PsychogunView Price120
S-Rank PunchView Price120
Samba MaracasView Price174
Twin PsychogunView Price00
TypeME/MECHGUNView Price00
VulcanView Price22
Yasminkov 9000MView Price31033
Yasminkov 9001MView Price31508
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Asteron BeltView Price4101
Bamboo SpearView Price135
BerdysView Price00
BerdyshView Price15
BrionacView Price00
Butterfly NetView Price00
Chameleon ScytheView Price115
Gae BolgView Price00
GetsugasanView Price00
GlaiveView Price00
GungnirView Price00
HalbertView Price00
Hildebear HammerView Price140
Hildeblue HammerView Price397
Imperial PickView Price00
Madam's ParasolView Price00
Madam's UmbrellaView Price211
MaguwaView Price00
Nice ShotView Price00
PartisanView Price00
Plantain Huge FanView Price00
Principal's Gift ParasolView Price266
Red PartisanView Price00
S-Rank PartisanView Price120
S-Rank ScytheView Price125
Snake SpireView Price00
Soul BanishView Price00
Soul EaterView Price1250
SynthesizerView Price00
Tree ClippersView Price00
TypeHA/HALBERTView Price00
TypeHA/RODView Price00
VjayaView Price2875
YunchangView Price00
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Angel HarpView Price00
Ano RifleView Price00
Anti Android RifleView Price00
BeamView Price00
BlasterView Price00
Bringer's RifleView Price11000
Death RayView Price3278
Dragon NeedleView Price2275
Drill LauncherView Price00
Egg BlasterView Price00
Frozen ShooterView Price4307
Holy RayView Price3102
Justy-23STView Price11
LaserView Price1110
Le CogneurView Price2262
Love RayView Price225
Rianov 303SNRView Price00
Rianov 303SNR-1View Price00
Rianov 303SNR-2View Price00
Rianov 303SNR-3View Price00
Rianov 303SNR-4View Price00
Rianov 303SNR-5View Price287
RifleView Price00
S-Rank NeedleView Price122
S-Rank RifleView Price125
SniperView Price00
Snow QueenView Price7358
Spread NeedleView Price6383
Tanegashima View Price00
TypeRI/RIFLEView Price00
Visk-235WView Price00
Wals-MK2View Price00
Yasminkov 3000RView Price21425
Yasminkov 3001RView Price53240
Yasminkov 7000VView Price21525
Yasminkov 7001VView Price71700
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Alive AqhuView Price11
Battle VergeView Price11
Branch of Paku PakuView Price00
Brave HammerView Price00
BroomView Price00
CaduceusView Price2163
Dark BridgeView Price42737
Demonic ForkView Price130
FatsiaView Price00
Glide DivineView Price13
Hildebear's CaneView Price00
Hildeblue's CaneView Price00
Mercurius RodView Price2237
PillarView Price00
Plantain LeafView Price00
PoleView Price00
Psycho WandView Price3525
Rabbit WandView Price00
RodView Price00
S-Rank RodView Price120
Sigurd's StaffView Price51655
Siren Glass HammerView Price1200
Sorcerer's CaneView Price00
StrikerView Price00
Striker of ChaoView Price17
TypeRO/HALBERTView Price00
TypeRO/RODView Price00
TypeRO/SWORDView Price00
ValkyrieView Price00
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
545gView Price00
5th Anniv. BladeView Price00
Akiko's WokView Price00
Ancient SaberView Price00
BattledoreView Price00
BrandView Price00
BusterView Price00
Commander BladeView Price117
DB's SaberView Price00
DB's Sword (3062)View Price00
DB's Sword (3064)View Price00
DB's Sword (3067)View Price00
DB's Sword (3069) CView Price00
DB's Sword (3069) TView Price00
DB's Sword (3070)View Price00
DB's Sword (3073)View Price00
DB's Sword (3075)View Price00
DB's Sword (3077)View Price00
Delsaber's BusterView Price00
DurandalView Price00
ElysionView Price11
Evil CurstView Price00
ExcaliburView Price143181
FlambergeView Price17
Flower BouquetView Price00
GalatineView Price125
GladiusView Price00
Great BouquetView Price00
ITView Price00
JitteView Price00
KaladbolgView Price00
KusanagiView Price00
Lame D'ArgentView Price17
Lavis CannonView Price2725
LollipopView Price00
PallaschView Price00
RacketView Price00
Red SaberView Price00
S-Rank AxeView Price117
S-Rank HammerView Price117
S-Rank SaberView Price117
SaberView Price00
Sting TipView Price00
TypeSA/SABERView Price00
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
ArmsView Price2425
Baranz LauncherView Price00
Belra CannonView Price00
Burning VisitView Price00
CannonView Price00
Crush BulletView Price00
Dark MeteorView Price74207
Final ImpactView Price00
Flame VisitView Price00
Inferno BazookaView Price00
Iron FaustView Price5570
L&K38 CombatView Price12725
LauncherView Price00
Maser BeamView Price00
Meteor SmashView Price00
Panzer FaustView Price00
Power MaserView Price1100
Rambling MayView Price00
S-Rank BazookaView Price00
S-Rank ShotView Price00
ShotView Price00
SpreadView Price00
TypeSH/SHOTView Price00
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
CutterView Price00
DiskaView Price1300
Diska of BravemanView Price5248
Diska of LiberatorView Price00
Flight CutterView Price11
Flight FanView Price00
IzmaelaView Price120
Rainbow BatonView Price3258
Rappy's FanView Price11
Red SlicerView Price132
S-Rank J-CutterView Price00
S-Rank SlicerView Price00
SawcerView Price00
SlicerView Price00
Slicer of AssassinView Price00
Slicer of FanaticView Price9977
SpinnerView Price00
TypeN-SL/SLICERView Price00
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Akiko's CleaverView Price00
BreakerView Price00
Buzz SawdView Price3900
CaliburView Price00
Chain SawdView Price7989
ClaymoreView Price00
Crazy TuneView Price00
Daisy ChainView Price115
Dark FlowView Price94800
Dragon SlayerView Price11
Flowen's SwordView Price00
Flowen's Sword (3060)View Price11
Flowen's Sword (3064)View Price11
Flowen's Sword (3067)View Price00
Flowen's Sword (3073)View Price00
Flowen's Sword (3077)View Price00
Flowen's Sword (3079)View Price00
Flowen's Sword (3082)View Price00
Flowen's Sword (3083)View Price00
Flowen's Sword (3084)View Price122
GigushView Price00
HammerView Price00
Huge Battle FanView Price00
Laconium AxeView Price16
Last SurvivorView Price00
RainblowView Price2237
RainbowView Price101935
Red SwordView Price3391
S-Rank SwordView Price00
Sealed J-SwordView Price31316
SwordView Price00
Tsumikiri J-SwordView Price3916
TypeSW/J-SWORDView Price00
TypeSW/SWORDView Price00
Victor AxeView Price00
ZanbaView Price7271
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
AsukaView Price00
G-Assassin's SabersView Price195
JizaiView Price195
MusashiView Price215
S-Rank SwordsView Price00
Sange & YashaView Price117
Texas MassacresView Price83493
TypeSS/SWORDSView Price00
YamatoView Price11
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
BatonView Price00
DecalogView Price00
Earth Wand BrownieView Price11
Fire Scepter: AgniView Price11
Game MagazineView Price00
Ice Staff: DagonView Price11
LOGiNView Price00
Magical PieceView Price145
Marina's BagView Price115
Plantain FanView Price00
Prophets of MotavView Price1750
S-Rank WandView Price00
ScepterView Price00
SolferinoView Price3113
StaffView Price00
Storm Wand: IndraView Price11
Technical CrozierView Price00
The Sigh of a GodView Price00
Twinkle StarView Price00
TypeWA/WANDView Price00
WandView Price00
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Absorb ArmorView Price00
Alliance UniformView Price00
Attribute PlateView Price00
Aura FieldView Price00
Battlemages CloakView Price00
Black Hound CuirassView Price00
Black Odoshi DomaruView Price00
Black Odoshi Red NimaidouView Price00
Blue Odoshi Violet NimaidouView Price00
Brightness CircleView Price00
Chu Chu FeverView Price00
Commander UniformView Price00
Congeal CloakView Price00
Crimson CoatView Price00
Cursed CloakView Price00
Custom Frame ver.00View Price00
D-Parts ver1.01View Price00
D-Parts ver2.10View Price00
DB's ArmorView Price00
DF FieldView Price00
Dirty Life JacketView Price00
Dress PlateView Price00
Electro FrameView Price00
Flame GarmentView Price00
Flowen's FrameView Price00
Force FieldView Price00
Graviton PlateView Price00
Guard WaveView Price00
Hunter FieldView Price00
Ignition CloakView Price00
Infantry GearView Price00
Infantry MantleView Price00
Lieutenant GearView Price00
Lieutenant MantleView Price00
Love HeartView Price00
Luminous FieldView Price00
Morning PrayerView Price00
MOTHER GarbView Price00
MOTHER Garb+View Price00
Officer UniformView Price00
Parasite Wear:De RolView Price00
Parasite Wear:NelgalView Price00
Parasite Wear:VajullaView Price00
Ranger FieldView Price00
Red CoatView Price00
Red Odoshi DomaruView Price00
Revival CuriassView Price00
Revival GarmentView Price00
Sacred ClothView Price00
Samurai ArmorView Price00
Schthack's JacketView Price00
Select CloakView Price00
Sense PlateView Price00
Smoking PlateView Price00
Sonicteam ArmorView Price00
Spirit CuirassView Price00
Spirit GarmentView Price00
Star CuirassView Price00
Stealth SuitView Price00
Stink FrameView Price00
SweetheartView Price00
Tempest CloakView Price00
ThirteenView Price00
Torn Dragon VestView Price00
Union FieldView Price00
Virus Armor: LafuteriaView Price00
Wedding DressView Price00
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Angel RingView Price00
Anti-Dark RingView Price00
Anti-Light RingView Price00
Assist BarrierView Price00
Attribute WallView Price00
Battlemages BracerView Price00
Black GearView Price00
Black RingView Price00
Blue RingView Price00
Bunny EarsView Price00
Cat EarsView Price00
Combat GearView Price00
Custom Barrier ver.00View Price00
DB's ShieldView Price00
De Rol Le Shield View Price00
DF ShieldView Price00
EpsiguardView Price00
Flowen's ShieldView Price00
Force WallView Price00
From The DepthsView Price00
GenpeiView Price00
Gi BarrierView Price00
Gi MergeView Price00
Gods Shield ByakkoView Price00
Gods Shield GenbuView Price00
Gods Shield KouryuView Price00
Gods Shield SeiryuView Price00
Gods Shield SuzakuView Price00
GratiaView Price00
Green RingView Price00
Healing MergeView Price00
Honeycomb ReflectorView Price00
Hunter WallView Price00
Hunter's ShellView Price00
Invisible GuardView Price00
Kasami BracerView Price00
Light BarrierView Price00
Light ReliefView Price00
Megistrade MergeView Price00
Proto Regen GearView Price00
Purple RingView Price00
Ra BarrierView Price00
Ra MergeView Price00
Ragol RingView Price00
Rainbow RingView Price00
Ranger WallView Price00
Recovery BarrierView Price00
Red RingView Price00
Regen Gear Adv.View Price00
Regenerate GearView Price00
Regenerate Gear B.P.View Price00
Rico's EarringView Price00
Rico's GlassesView Price00
RupikaView Price00
S-Parts ver1.16View Price00
S-Parts ver2.01View Price00
Sacred GuardView Price00
Safety HeartView Price00
Secret GearView Price00
Secure FeetView Price00
Segaienure MergeView Price00
Shield of DelsaberView Price00
Si BarrierView Price00
Si MergeView Price00
Standstill ShieldView Price00
Stink ShieldView Price00
Striker PlusView Price00
The Ultimate ShieldView Price00
Three SealsView Price00
Tripolic ReflectorView Price00
Tripolic ShieldView Price00
Union GuardView Price00
Weapons Bronze ShieldView Price00
Weapons Copper ShieldView Price00
Weapons Gold ShieldView Price00
Weapons Silver ShieldView Price00
White RingView Price00
Works GuardView Price00
Yata MirrorView Price00
Yellow RingView Price00
Yin Yang MergeView Price00
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
AdeptView Price6298
Bad/LuckView Price117
Centurion/AbilityView Price411
Centurion/BattleView Price4800
Cure/ConfuseView Price12
Cure/FreezeView Price16
Cure/ParalysisView Price16
Cure/PoisonView Price11
Cure/ShockView Price16
Cure/SlowView Price12
Devil/BattleView Price11
Devil/TechniqueView Price11
Divine ProtectionView Price11
Friend RingView Price00
God/AbilityView Price11
God/ArmView Price15
God/BattleView Price11
God/BodyView Price11
God/HPView Price11
God/LegsView Price11
God/LuckView Price11
God/MindView Price11
God/PowerView Price16
God/TechniqueView Price15
God/TPView Price11
Heavenly/AbilityView Price13
Heavenly/ArmsView Price410
Heavenly/BattleView Price13
Heavenly/BodyView Price11
Heavenly/HPView Price11
Heavenly/LegsView Price11
Heavenly/LuckView Price11
Heavenly/MindView Price23
Heavenly/PowerView Price216
Heavenly/ResistView Price22
Heavenly/TechniqueView Price00
Heavenly/TPView Price11
Hero/AbilityView Price11
HP/RebirthView Price112
HP/ResurrectionView Price00
HP/RevivalView Price11
LimiterView Price2200
PB/BoostView Price2267
PB/CreateView Price11
Perfect/ResistView Price11
Proof of Sword-SaintView Price240
Resist/BlizzardView Price11
Resist/BurningView Price00
Resist/DevilView Price00
Resist/HolyView Price00
Resist/StormView Price00
SmartLinkView Price37
State/MaintenanceView Price125000
Swordsman LoreView Price122
TP/RebirthView Price115
TP/ResurrectionView Price00
TP/RevivalView Price11
Trap/SearchView Price165
V101View Price513
V501View Price16
V502View Price6178
V801View Price212
Yasakani MagatamaView Price11
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
AgastyaView Price00
AndhakaView Price00
Angel's WingView Price00
AshvinauView Price00
AsparasView Price00
BanaView Price00
BhimaView Price00
BhiravaView Price00
ChaoView Price00
Chu ChuView Price00
ChurelView Price00
DevaView Price00
Devil's TailView Price00
Devil's WingView Price00
DiwariView Price00
DreamcastView Price00
DurgaView Price00
ElenorView Price00
Gael GielView Price00
GarudaView Price00
GenesisView Price00
Geung-siView Price00
HamburgerView Price00
IlaView Price00
KabandaView Price00
KaitabhaView Price00
KalkiView Price00
KamaView Price00
Kapu KapuView Price00
KumaraView Price00
MadhuView Price00
MagView Price00
MaricaView Price00
Mark IIIView Price00
MarutahView Price00
Master SystemView Price00
MitraView Price00
MoroView Price00
NagaView Price00
NamuciView Price00
NandinView Price00
NarakaView Price00
NidraView Price00
Opa OpaView Price00
Panzer TailView Price00
PianView Price00
PioneerView Price00
PitriView Price00
PretaView Price00
PushanView Price00
PuyoView Price00
Puyo CloneView Price00
RappyView Price00
RatiView Price00
RavanaView Price00
RibhavaView Price00
Robo ChaoView Price00
RudraView Price00
RukminView Price00
SatoView Price00
SavitriView Price00
Sega SaturnView Price00
SitaView Price00
SomaView Price00
SonitiView Price00
Striker UnitView Price00
SumbaView Price00
SuryaView Price00
TapasView Price00
TellusisView Price00
Twin SatoView Price00
UshasuView Price00
VarahaView Price00
VarunaView Price00
VayuView Price00
VritraView Price00
Yahoo!View Price00
YaksaView Price00
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
AntiView Price12
BartaView Price11
DebandView Price22
FoieView Price11
GibartaView Price11
GifoieView Price11
GizondeView Price11
GrantsView Price3404
JellenView Price12
MegidView Price2896
RabartaView Price11
RafoieView Price11
RazondeView Price11
RestaView Price11
ReverserView Price00
RyukerView Price00
ShiftaView Price12
ZalureView Price12
ZondeView Price21
Unique Items
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
AddslotView Price11
Amplifier of DarknessView Price145
Amplifier of GiView Price1155
Amplifier of HealingView Price117
Amplifier of MegiView Price117
Amplifier of RaView Price145
Amplifier of SegaiView Price1175
Amplifier of SiView Price125
Baranz PartsView Price15
Belra's Right ArmView Price00
Berill PhotonView Price00
Blue-Black StoneView Price00
Book of HitogataView Price00
Book of Katana 1View Price00
Book of Katana 2View Price00
Book of Katana 3View Price00
Booma's Right ArmView Price00
Bringer's Right ArmView Price00
CakeView Price00
CandyView Price00
ChocolateView Price00
Christmas PresentView Price00
Crack O LanternView Price00
De Rol Le ShellView Price00
Delsaber's Left ArmView Price00
Delsaber's Right ArmView Price00
Dragon's ClawView Price00
Easter EggView Price00
Enhanced ScopeView Price5416
Gal Gryphon WingView Price00
Gi Gue's BodyView Price00
Gigobooma's Right ArmView Price00
Gobooma's Right ArmView Price00
Golden Easter EggView Price140
Grass Assassin's ArmsView Price00
Hildebear's HeadView Price00
Hildeblue's HeadView Price00
Jack O LanternView Price115
Magic Rock Heart KeyView Price00
Magic Rock MoolaView Price14
Magic Stone IritistaView Price2180
Magic WaterView Price00
999999 MesetaView Price14
Pan Arms's ArmsView Price00
Parasitic Cell Type DView Price00
Parasitic Gene "Flow"View Price54250
Parts of Egg BlasterView Price00
Photon BoosterView Price145
Photon CrystalView Price32
Photon SphereView Price00
Quantum BoosterView Price81340
Rappy's WingView Price00
S-Beat's ArmsView Price00
S-Berril's ArmsView Price00
S-Red's ArmsView Price00
Sorcerer's Right ArmView Price00
Star AmplifierView Price22
SyncestaView Price3220
Mag Cells
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Amitie's MemoView Price33750
CatnipView Price2262
Cell of Mag 213View Price110
Cell of Mag 502View Price110
D-Photon CoreView Price299
Dragon ScaleView Price218
Heart of AngelView Price212
Heart of ChaoView Price17
Heart of Chu ChuView Price110
Heart of DevilView Price212
Heart of Kapu KapuView Price17
Heart of MorolianView Price312166
Heart of Opa OpaView Price17
Heart of PianView Price17
Heaven Striker CoatView Price11
Kit of DreamcastView Price112
Kit of GenesisView Price17
Kit of HamburgerView Price17
Kit of Mark 3View Price110
Kit of Master SystemView Price17
Kit of Sega SaturnView Price17
Liberta KitView Price423
Panther's SpiritView Price112
Parts of Robo ChaoView Price17
Pioneer PartsView Price150
Puyo DNAView Price115
Rappy's BeakView Price11
TabletView Price2550
Item NameView PricesEntriesAverage Price*
Defense Material x99View Price48
Evade Material x99View Price35
HP Material x99View Price454
Luck Material x99View Price374
Mind Material x99View Price321
Power Material x99View Price522
TP Material x99View Price3149
Most Expensive
Item NameEntriesAverage Price*
Yellowboze Card33181
Inferno Claw175117
Rika's Claw MK.2111972
Celeste Blade37166
Heaven Striker141383
Yasminkov 2001H41500
Doom Bringer62108
Guld Milla71239
Yasminkov 9000M31033
Yasminkov 9001M31508
Bringer's Rifle11000
Yasminkov 3000R21425
Yasminkov 3001R53240
Yasminkov 7000V21525
Yasminkov 7001V71700
Dark Bridge42737
Sigurd's Staff51655
Dark Meteor74207
Dark Flow94800
Sealed J-Sword31316
Texas Massacres83493
Parasitic Gene "Flow"54250
Quantum Booster81340
Amitie's Memo33750
Heart of Morolian312166
*Average price is calculated across all hit values for individual items. Please check detailed information on pricing.