Key Remapper

This remaps all numpad keys to the top number buttons allowing them to be used for casting techs and such, remaps F11->F12 so no more accidentally going into chat mode when you meant to open your menu, and it makes Ctrl+V type out clipboard text in chat, essentially allowing you to paste which is nice for sharing links and other info in game.

Chat Log Viewer

This is a program to view the PSO chatlogs while you're playing, browsing forums, etc. It needs to be placed in the Chat log folder in your pso directory. It can be always on top, transparent, etc. and it auto-updates and switches between normal/team chat based on your preferences.

Section ID Calculator Extreme

Select your desired Class, ID, and name, and this will test every combination of lowercase/uppercase letters for that name to see if it's a possibility.

Updated Servreader ini

Item.ini for servreader containing most of the new items added to the game.

Servreader Tool

The tool to actually read the info from the game.